Confessions of a sleep school graduate

DESPERATELY SEEKING SLEEP, LOVE, A BABY MUMMA (confessions of a sleep school graduate) 180719_Kip&Co_175_ Full disclosure, I feel like a bit of a fraud writing this. Little Quincy has only just found the gift of sleep last week, so an expert I am not! But, I think having a sleeping baby is a bit like having a pet unicorn and it's just rude to keep that unicorn a secret for yourself. So here are my highlights from last week’s sleep school lock-down. 180719_Kip&Co_238_ THE GEAR: First up, get a cute little cot sheet from us, so you’re off to a winning start (jokes! but honestly they are so super sweet). Second, you need a baby sleep bag (for reals!). Third,  grab a firm blanket / something to tuck them in (I’m using one of our cot quilted bedspreads - it works perfectly because you can tuck your rug rat in nice and firm). If it floats your baby’s boat, then pop in a comforter toy and a t-shirt that mum and/or dad has worn so it smells of all your nice stinkiness (tie it in a knot). Make sure the room is very very very dark (key!). lGkEM-Jg THEN WHAT: When its time for bed, you pop you baby in the cot, tucked under the sheet and in a firm voice (no singing or sweet talking) you say ‘time for bed’ and walk out. Voila! When your baby grizzles (that’s the hardest part!!), wait for 10 mins during the day and 20 mins at night before going in. Tell them again its time for bed and then comfort them by patting fast at first, then slower until they’re chilled. Walk out and start the clock again. I know it sounds crazy but this simple little routine worked from day one for Quincy! She lapped it up! 180719_Kip&Co_215_ Little disclaimer: I think a lot of this is about following the routine they give you for your baby’s age. Worth going to the sleep school for that routine alone! Also I know every baby is different and this method might not work for yours, or the sound of it might make you twitch, but it was a big lightbulb moment for Alex and Quincy and we wanted to share. Happy sleeping! 180719_Kip&Co_433_