Find Your Perfect Towel Match

Are you overwhelmed with choice? We know that we are! So, we’re breaking it down and making it easy for you to find your new favourite drying companion. Whether you’re looking for some cosy warmth to counteract those freezing bathroom tiles, or a quick drying towel to throw in your bag for a dip in the creek – we’ve got something for you!

Turkish Towels

Hand-crafted by artisans using looming methods that have been tried and tested for centuries, our new Turkish Towels win the all-rounder award in the office by ticking all the boxes for your bathroom. Our Turkish towels are plush, textured, and colourful, all whilst being just as absorbent as you’d hope.



Once you fall in love with a Turkish towel, you won’t go back, so we’ve made sure you can deck out your bathroom with hand towels, and bathmats – because your feet deserve some love too.

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Cotton Terry Towels

If all you need is to step out of your hot shower and feel the big warm embrace of a soft cosy towel, Kip&Co's 100% Cotton Terry is for you. Our terry towel is of medium weight and the perfect go-to, all-year round. They’ve definitely earned their title as our old reliable.



Whilst you probably haven’t thought twice about those little loops that make up your towel and give terry its name, they’re much smarter than you’d think. Those uncut loops not only keep your towels feeling soft and luxurious, but also create more surface area and increase your towel’s absorbency - pretty neat!

The terry towels are available in both the standard bath size, as well as the larger beach size so they can accompany you outside the home as well. Whilst beach may be in the name, don’t be afraid to invite them into your bathroom. You’ll have to trust us on this one - the extra coverage makes them the ultimate towels to lounge around in for hours… well after you’ve dried off!

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Waffle Towels

If your bathroom isn’t already an at home spa, it’s time to make it one, with some Kip&Co Waffle



The waffle towels are the perfect summer alternative to a traditional heavy towel. Whilst being our lightest weight towels, the larger waffle weave creates more surface area and keeps these towels absorbent.These babies are definitely the fastest drying out of the three, and their lightness makes them super compact which means they’re also a brilliant travel companion.



You’ll definitely find a waffle towel stashed at the bottom of our beach totes and camping bags so we’re always ready for a spontaneous dip.

You can deck out your dreamy home spa with our waffley towels, hand towels, robes, and face washers – because why not make your bathroom the relaxation destination of your home?

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