Gray Benko - Photography

This week we chatted with Gray Benko (the gorgeous woman behind the lens of one of our favourite instagram handles) about the road she travelled to get to her happy place as a photographer. Plus we get to peek inside her beautiful bedroom featuring some yummy Kip&Co goodies. @graybenko   grayMMxON-285-Edit-Edit

1. You're a photographer by training and a photographer’s daughter by birth…did you feel that was always your calling?

Well my father was really more of a photo hobbyist but when he told me in high school (which is when I picked up my first camera and took my first photography course) that I had a great eye, I really valued his opinion and felt proud that he saw something in me that I previously didn’t know I had.  Photography had never really been something I had even thought about until that moment but once I picked up that camera, I never put it back down. 384A1025-Edit-5

2. You spent some time modelling before throwing yourself lens first into being a photographer, do you think that influenced your photographic style?

I think probably subconsciously it did.  It definitely gave me a greater sensitivity for the person on the other side of the lens. 384A1006-Edit-3

3. Your kids are ridiculously adorable and stars of your coveted instagram. Do you have any tips for other people out there on how to work with kids?

Thanks!  I think the best advice I can give is to never force them to take photos that they don’t want to take and try to catch as many candid moments as possible.  Normally kids have zero interest in photos.  I only take posed photos of my kids when they are in the mood to do it; it keeps the experience much more enjoyable for everyone.  Also bribery is always good in a pinch, ha!


4. If you were not behind a camera you would be….

I mean, is there anything else??  For me photography is it.  Without photography, you would find me at home with my kids…probably taking their photo with my iPhone ;) 384A1010-Edit-4 grayMMxON-189-Edit