Kip & Co ART SERIES 2016

Kip&Co’s second annual ART SERIES beanbag collection promotes the talented designs of five budding artists.The ART SERIES concept gives artists from all over the globe the chance to have their design featured on a limited edition Kip & Co beanbag, in addition to winning a wicked Kip & Co prize pack.

“We started the ART SERIES in 2015 because we wanted to do something to acknowledge and celebrate the depth and diversity of local and international talent”, said Kip & Co’s Hayley Pannekoecke.

With entry numbers growing in the second year of the ART SERIES, Kip & Co’s co-founders found the job of selecting the winners harder than ever and so expanded the final winning team to five wild, wonderful creative souls – Elise, Stephanie, Louella, Vanessa and Shanae.

The ART SERIES is available online at

More information on the ART SERIES class of 2016

PLUS-5-ART-SERIES-PRINTED-BEAN-BAG-1Elise Raspanti @raspaintings

Elise is an ice-cream lover and graphic designer from Sydney. As a general beanbag fan, entering the ART SERIES competition was a no-brainer. Elise wanted to create something bright and loud to connect with the Kip & Co aesthetic and so combined one of her original artworks with stylized alphabet soup-style letters. It’s a delicious combo. Elise is busily working away on lots of beautiful digital artworks which you can check out here or here


Steph is a total legend, clearly. She tells us she was bullied into entering the ART SERIES by some very encouraging and supportive friends. We’re pretty glad they did. As a graphic designer, the ART SERIES gave Steph a brief break from the daily grind to make some art for arts sake. Hallelujah to that. Steph says the print is a bit of a happy accident, a mash up resulting in a delicious water colour ensemble. In 2016 you can find Steph at her awesome graphic design consultancy Roscher Creative, doing a touch of silk painting at night, and world domination on the weekends. Drop her a line here


Louella Evans @LOUELLA_ART

Louella started out life majoring in poetry, which sounds like a very lovely place to start. While describing her CV as a bit “patchy” we think it sounds like an epic tapestry, made all the more impressive given Louella has juggled life with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Louella recently started studying art and has hit the ground running, participating in the Linden Postcard Exhibition, and opening a studio in Lygon Street. The ART SERIES was the first competition she ever entered and her winning print is influenced by graffiti, tattoo and good old imagination. “I actually created the image in my visual diary with water colour and ink, whilst down the coast looking at the ship anchored in the bay. I have this thing about mermaids and I have one tattooed on my arm,” Louella says. Louella is an incredible writer and we are sorry we can’t fit more in about her here but please check her out at


Vanessa Amisano

Vanessa is a graphic designer with a serious addiction to colour, pattern and bold shapes. She entered the ART SERIES competition because she is a fan of Kip & Co’s colour and life and was excited to create some ideas for the brand. Vanessa’s winning print “the dazzler” was inspired while watching a documentary about the role of artists in wartime (heavy!!). “The camouflage ships used in the first World War inspired my design with their disruptive play on perspectives using complex geometric shapes in contrasting colours,” Vanessa says. This year, Vanessa is hoping to produce an accessory range and keep collaborating with other artists. You can see more of her here and


Shanae Duncan @shanaeyo

Shanae is our youngest ever ART SERIES winner – a 17 year old tea loving, colour enthusiast. Shanae entered the ART SERIES competition on a whim, when one of her old high school teachers suggested it!! Her gem of a design was created spontaneously one night, inspired by her favourite pale pink shade, with accidental glitzy diamonds *adds sparkle emoji *. This year Shanae heads off to study fine arts at uni, and will be sharing her creations through social media.