We recently headed state-side for a slice of the good life with a chaser slice of pizza.
We flitted from West to East, chowed down on more chowder and oysters than medically recommended, sipped champagne in gutters and high on rooftops and shopped until we had two knee blow outs and a limp. So if you’re short on time in this grand ol’ country then here are some of our shopping highlights to get your itinerary started!
1. Amber Vintage (LA): a little off the beaten track in LA so you’re likely to see more boho than boob jobs here. Beautifully curated mix of vintage and new homewares, books, and furniture.
2. Rose Bowl Flea (LA): We spent six hours here in 38 degrees and didn’t even cover half. It. Is. Big - Bring water, comfortable shoes and leave your hangover at home. This is the mother of all fleas.
3. General Store (LA): Can we move in here? Stylish bits and bobs for home and body and a beautiful collection of pottery (which is apparently the biggest trend right now in the US - potters in Australia get ready for the revolution!).
4. Ten Over Six (LA): Attention grabbing lilac facade sets expectations high for inside and it doesn’t disappoint. The funkiest shop on Melrose, these guys pack the weird and whacky happily next to designer shoes and clothes. Our favourite combination!
  IMG_2320 5. Warm NY (NY): A true all rounder - lads, ladies, home and everything in-between, this was one of our highlights in NY. 6. Brooklyn Flea (NY): Size doesn’t compete with Rose Bowl but size isn’t everything ladies! We picked up some of our best vintage threads right here. The cinnamon doughnuts are the bomb if you’re that way inclined…who isn’t?!  
7. American Two Shot (NY) Great vintage, solid cafe, amazing jewellery.  Perfect combo for those wanting a little something different.
Hays and Al pretty happy with their loot in East Village and a quality inspiration board at Warm NY