Meet Australian Artist Kezz Brett

Back by extremely popular demand, we are so excited to share our very special collaboration Australian artist, Kezz Brett. Adorn your home with the timeless florals of Blossom Magic available online now.



How long have you been an artist?

I’ve been painting full time for six years now - starting when I retired. When I say full time, I really mean full time. I’m OBSESSED!

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as halfway between abstract and realism… with lots of colour!



What's the inspiration for this artwork?

I LOVE flowers - I love absolutely everything about them! The colours, the structures - especially the perfume! Happiness to me is a garden full of flowers!

What's your career highlight?

Is it corny to say this collaboration? I am just so thrilled to have my artwork on the dining table! I’m also just so lucky to be working with JUMBLED -  if it wasn’t for them, my retirement would be a lot more peaceful!



What's your best piece of advice for any budding artist?

Start! Don’t wait - start before you’re ready. You’ll never think you’re ready and you’ll never think you’re good enough but it’s all about brush mileage. The more mileage, the better you become!

What's your favourite medium?

House paints! You can throw them around, and Bunnings has an amazing collection! I’ve also been having a lot of fun lately with neon pink spray paint!




What was your inspiration for this collection?

I have always loved flowers, colour and pattern. All my loves came together in an everlasting bouquet, Blossom Magic. I live and breath by the 'more is more' approach, so this canvas truly holds it all!

Have you always been an artist?

What was your life like before hand?  I wasn't always an artist. I was a teacher, a clothes designer and a boutique owner before I was an artist.


 Photgrapher: Clany Paine

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