Pared x Kip&Co


We’ve been fan girling on the spunky Aussie sunglass brand Pared Eyewear for years. In fact last year we each gave each other a pair of Pared sunnies for our Christmas present…twinning is winning! So when we had the chance to collaborate with Sam from Pared, we were legit excited. This season, you can holiday in the style, with the Pared x Kip&Co travel capsule, including duffle bag, wheelie bag and cosmetic case in colours so iconically Australian they’ll have you singing Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree. And when you arrive at your destination, you’ll be the coolest kid on the block in our vibrant Pared x Kip&Co sunnies. Rock on ladies. We checked in with Sam from Pared to find a bit more about the amazing lady behind this wicked brand.

1. Tell us a little bit about Pared, what was the catalyst for creating this awesome brand and where are you at now?

Pared eyewear is now in its fourth year which seems like such a long time ago from is its with humble beginnings in early 2013. I had worked in eyewear for many years for other brands and t felt like a natural progression to stat my own brand. Pared is known to have have fun with eyewear and to create distinctive shapes that are wearable but also very detail focused. We play with colour, layering of materials and patterns which is why the Kip&Co collaboration worked so well with our brand as there are a lot of design similarities.



2. How did this collaboration come about and what made you want to say ‘hell, yes’?

I have been following Kip&Co for a long time as I love the use of colour and a distinctive point of difference. I us love all that Kip&Co does and for my house to be covered in it! I don't know how we got to chatting but I think it may have been over instagram but it felt natural and not forced which I love. All collaborations and partnerships to me need to feel authentic and natural otherwise they just dont work well. Bare

3. The collaboration includes some swanky travel accessories - what are your work and play travel essentials?

I'm mad about coordinated luggage! This is why is was so fun to work on the cosmetic case, travel bag and duffle as they all have a lovely coordinated element whilst standing out on their own. I especially love it for a weekend away! I travel a lot for work so I need special compartments for all of my different items such as cords, books, jewellery etc so that I can access it all easily. I like to be organised. A good scarf is also very handy to use as a blanket as I am always cold and a travel pillow. I also need rose water spray on the plane and any kind of face oil to keep hydrated naturally - I love the products by EIR NYC. P38955

4. What’s up next for Pared?

I am about to have my first child in January so my mind has wandered to all things small! Watch this space for some pared petite soon. Kohl-Kaftans

5. Any hot tips for people wanting to start their own small business?

Really love what you do as you will be living and breathing it and working like a mad person. Be true to what your vision and product is so you can deliver to your customer season after season and build a loyal following. Red wine for when it all seems too hard (because some days you will really want to give up!) P38941

6. Where can we get our mitts on the collaboration sunglasses?

The collaboration will be available online at and palms-pools