When Feast Watson approached us with an up-cycling challenge for charity, Kate’s creative little ears perked up…challenge accepted! A bunch of awesome Aussie designers have joined the Feast Watson Re-Love Project, finding unique ways to up-cycle a piece of timber furniture. Kate has created the coolest vintage desk with marbled rainbow feature panels. Trippy and educational!  Here is how she did it:
  • Decide what look you want – I knew I wanted to add colour and decided on marbling and suminagashi, which is the Japanese marbling technique and my preferred style of marbling.
  • Research the look – I then hit YouTube to see if anyone had done marbling onto wood and found a great clip of someone marbling floor boards.
  • Experiment with the look – I then started experimenting to achieve the marbled finish I was after using a variety of different coloured Dulux paints. I absolutely love wood so I didn’t want to cover the grain with anything opaque, which is why marbling suits me as it is a thin (still transparent) surface treatment.
  • Once paints have been applied and desired look is achieved, leave to dry for at least 8 hours.
  • Finish the look – Ensure the surface is clean and dry then apply a thin, even layer of Feast Watson Mastertouch Carnauba Wax using a soft dry cloth or pad.
  • Allow 5 minutes to dry then buff to desired sheen level.
All pieces are available on eBay and proceeds will go to Salvo Stores – so get shopping!