What better way to celebrate our recent launch in the US than with a chat with our favourite colour crunching NJ / NY based graphic designer, photographer and prop stylist! We've been drooling over her instagram for a while, do yourself a favour and get some of this goodness into your feed.
1. You’re a serious slashie - designer / photographer / foodie / adventurer …which one came first, and is there another slashie to be added to the family soon? I am totally guilty of being a serious slashie! I never know how to label myself in one word because I have so many different interests - so the slashes are my solution, haha. I'm not really sure which came first, though. I have a degree (BFA) in graphic design - but I also do work in photography. So I suppose those two titles are what I align with most in terms of my profession and my line of work? Food has always been an interest of mine ever since I was a kid - I love learning to cook new things, trying out new restaurants, watching food documentaries, styling / photographing food -- the list goes on! To me, the word "adventurer" pertains to curiosity - and how I want to remain committed to never losing my sense of wonder. I want to constantly push myself to continue learning / exploring and always be improving. I'm sure another "slashie" is bound to be added at some point and time - who knows what I'll be doing in 5, 10, 20 years?! In the best of ways, I think we are all constantly evolving - and there's no reason to box yourself in to any one thing.
2. You’re a bit of a jack of all trades but the one thing that seems consistent across all of your mediums is a serious love of colour. How would you describe your aesthetic and are you just walking around bursting with joy all the time? Colour is aesthetically what I'm most drawn to. Inherently, as a graphic designer - I'm always keeping my eye out for cool color combos and patterns and textures in the world around me. And ultimately - I think that is what fuels / inspires my own work. Generally, I try to be a pretty optimistic person and spread joy through my social media channel(s) - but I don't think "bursting with joy ALL the time" is accurate. I - just like any other human - have low points and moments of adversity, too. 3. You did some also solo adventures in 2016 - can you share a highlight from your travels? Yes! Last summer (2016) I went on my first ever multi-city solo trip to San Francisco (CA), Anchorage (AK), Seattle (WA), and Phoenix (AZ). Prior to that trip, I hadn't been to any of those places before. It was my first time flying solo, and actually only my second time flying (ever). Growing up, my family didn't really take vacations that involved getting on a plane - and I think that's why I have the itch to do it now. There are so many highlights from that trip - but Alaska probably takes the cake. I have a cousin who lives there, and I feel so lucky that I was able to see it all through the eyes of a local. The air there is so crisp, and the mountains were absolutely breathtaking. I even encountered a moose first hand while I was there! 15623862_1799153737019372_5819616175671214080_n4 - the perfect pop of fun! Whats up next for you on your store? Thank you!! I'd like to create more shirts and pins at some point (hopefully soon!) My store is still very much in its early stages - so long term, I'm still trying to figure out where I want to go with it. 5. You’re NY based - most of our readers are all the way down under on the other side of the world. How would you describe NYC in three words, and what is the best thing about your hood? I actually live in NJ - but I frequently go out to NY for projects / work. I split my time between suburbia and the city, and I kinda get to live the best of both worlds! ;) 3 words I'd use to describe NYC are: ambitious, spirited, and magical. 16789583_1747212365608588_7426664372283375616_n