Studio DIY Bedroom

Being part of the @studiodiy Instagram family is like having a little shot of joy everyday. Pure, unpretentious, colourful fun. We love it! Today we chat with the mastermind behind this powerhouse brand, Kelly Mindel, about her latest bedroom reveal with Kip&Co.Master Bedroom Reveal (blog size)-37You’ve amassed an amazing global cult following, tell us a little bit about how you got here? I've had the entrepreneurial bug for as long as I can remember and started Studio DIY as my senior project in college! Initially, I thought it would turn into a real-life studio space for people to create in, but after watching my online community grow and thrive, I put all my efforts into cultivating that instead! I can't recall one "big" life-changing moment in my career. Instead, I've slowly and organically grown my audience by putting out consistent, colorful, high-quality content and always staying true to myself and what I love. Master Bedroom Reveal (blog size)-6 Amongst your many talents is interior stylist, first and foremost in your own beautiful home - how would you describe your aesthetic and approach to designing your bedroom? More than one particular style or aesthetic, I've found I simply love layers and texture. Rich fabrics, Moroccan rugs, woven elements, trims upon trims, I love the dimension all those layers and more can bring. I also try to ensure that as many pieces as possible in my home have a personal significance behind them. On my travels, I'm constantly on the lookout for items to take back for our home. When bringing in new art, I first look to friends or family, or I give a paint brush (and a very dictated color palette, ha!) to our son! I like looking around and tying meaning and memory to pieces big and small. Master Bedroom Reveal (blog size)-3 What are your three top tips for a bedroom refresh? First, pillows and new sheets are the easiest way to refresh a bedroom! I love keeping a mostly white or natural palette for the big items in a bedroom and having the ability to swap out the pops of color. A new color swapped in can give the room a completely different feel. Second, add or swap out art! We created a gallery wall in our room, but left a little space to add more pieces should we desire. Even easier, I love leaning photos and small art pieces on top of my dresser, then adding in more photos every few months to bring more depth and layers to the space. And last, go big or go home with a rug! If you really want to change a room, the rug is the way to do so. You can layer them, like we did in ours, or swap it out entirely. It's a bigger investment but if you're looking for a dramatic change, Master Bedroom Reveal (blog size)-29 You wear many different “hats” every week - what feels most natural to you, and what puts you out of your comfort zone? I love finding a creative solution to a problem, which is why I love DIYing and designing so much. And I'm also lucky that my most favorite hat, the "Mom" hat, overlaps with my career. I get to create things for my son and my family and make a living doing so and I'm forever grateful for that! On the flip side, despite being in the public eye, I'm actually very much an introvert and a total homebody! Some of the large-scale events and travel my job entails pushes me far outside my comfort zone, but I'm glad it does. I've met some of my closest friends and become a part of the most supportive community as a result of pushing past those fears! Master Bedroom Reveal (blog size)-8 What’s your favourite Kip&Co piece this season? The tassel throw has to be my all-time favorite Kip&Co product! The oversized tassels are so stunning and make such a statement on a bed or couch. And they also help keep the blanket weighted down, making it harder for a certain husband of mine to steal the covers at night! Ha! Despite already having one in almost every room in our house, the new coral and orange combo is calling my NAME! Master Bedroom Reveal (blog size)-22 Studio DIY • Make Life A Party! • • Instagram: @StudioDIY