The Kip&Co Eden campaign shoot took place in beautiful Bali, 3 days of fast pace action to create a campaign that Kip&Co are truly proud of. Location: The Island Houses, Bali, Indonesia Photographer: Nikole Ramsey Stylist: Amber Lenette   behind-the-scenes Real Living spoke with Kip co-founder Hayley Pannekoecke for a behind the scenes chat: "You'll never see us shoot a full campaign in studio - it's not our style and it's not exciting. We have such a great team who we've worked with for over four years now, and although our shoots are huge and loads of work, they are above and beyond bloody fun" For more check out Real Living's October edition!   Kip-SS17-46615 Kip-SS17-47276 Kip-SS17-BTS-0324 Kip-SS17-BTS-0322 Kip-SS17-BTS-0067 Kip-SS17-BTS-0326 Kip-SS17-BTS-0291 Kip-SS17-BTS-0326