We have personally made a commitment to minimise the harm to our planet in everything we do.
And every year, in fact every month, we get better at understanding and managing the social, ethical and environmental issues in our supply chain in a responsible manner.
That doesn’t mean we have it all figured out – we are just at the beginning of our sustainability journey but we are proud of the positive steps that we have taken and will keep working harder to do more, because we know it’s the right thing and it’s important to you, and to us.
Here’s what we’re doing about it.


In 2019, we developed new terms and conditions for our suppliers based on the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code (the leading global alliance of companies, trade unions and NGOs). Our new T&Cs provides for even higher standards of safe and fair working conditions, integrity and transparency in dealings, improved environmental outcomes.

To ensure compliance, we require all suppliers to be independently audited every two years. In addition, Kip&Co founders, Kate, Hayley and Alex, conduct supply chain inspections in person to ensure we are able to support our suppliers on their own sustainability journey. We value the collaborative spirit of our supply chain.


Currently, Kip&Co’s baby sleep bags, and baby romper collection are all made from organic cotton. Kip&Co is looking to introduce new organic cotton product alternatives in future and is committed to expanding this offering.


We are incredibly proud to announce a long-term partnership with Indian charity, Goonj. From 2019, we will be donating 100% of our cotton offcuts from our Indian supply chain to local community initiatives managed by Goonj. So by supporting Kip&Co, you’re saving offcuts from landfill, and ensuring that they now have a meaningful impact in people’s lives.

Goonj has been operating in India for over two decades, and re-uses and recycles urban surplus to address core community issues like water, sanitation, health, livelihood, and education. Kip&Co’s cotton offcuts will be used to create cotton pads, providing a clean, essential solution that has saved women from infections, and a loss of dignity. Other fabric offcuts will be used to create products like backpacks and purses for the local community, with sales going back to Goonj to allow them to continue their amazing work.

In Australia, each year we make a significant donation to charities that provide emergency housing and services to victims of domestic violence and / or homelessness including Launch Housing, St Kilda Mums and Geelong Mums. To date, we estimate we have donated over $200,000 to this cause.


In 2019, we made a company commitment to have sustainable packaging across our supply chain by 2021. So from September 2019, you’ll start to see our new, sustainable packaging! Our goods are now packaged in either re-useable cotton bags (which we’ve done since we launched) or biodegradable cornstarch bags. All our packaging bands, look books, product inserts and marketing collateral are printed on 100% recycled paper, and we have made significant reductions in the amount of printed marketing material we produce. Our postage bags that carry our product that final little step from our warehouse to your home will also soon be biodegradable cornstarch bags. These changes will be phased in as our existing stock of packaging runs down, and we hope that the change will be complete by 2021.


Even the little things matter (from little things, big things grow, as Paul Kelly says). Here’s a few very simple policies for our Kip&Co HQ that are underway already:

  • we’re a take-away coffee cup free zone (each team member is gifted a beautiful ceramic cup...so much better to sip your espresso / chai / herbal out of!)
  • we choose green power for our energy
  • we only buy recycled paper and keep printing to a minimum
  • we recylcle
  • we donate all fabric scraps to local kindergartens

If you’ve got other ideas for simple things we can do around Kip&Co HQ, drop us an email, we’re always looking for new ideas.