Christmas Appeal - The Royal Women's Hospital Foundation



The Royal Women’s Hospital believes that every woman and newborn deserves exceptional healthcare, regardless of their circumstances. RWH helps care for the most vulnerable women and newborns including mums experiencing mental health complications alongside pregnancy, and babies in the intensive care or special care units whose mums may not have access to the things they need for their new baby, or very premature newborns who are unwell and whose parents haven't had time to prepare for their arrival. This week, when you buy anything online with us, Kip&Co will be donating a baby product directly to the RWH Neonatal Intensive Care and Special Care Nurseries. The nursing team will provide these goodies to new mums in need. Get a gift for you, give a gift to someone in need. It’s that easy. KipCo-Animalia-54948 Swaddles_1

We spoke with Jan Chisholm, CEO of the RWH Foundation to find out more about the amazing work of the RWH.


1.      Tell us a little bit about your role at RWH and how long you’ve been involved?

I have been CEO of the Women’s Foundation for almost two years now. As CEO, I manage the fundraising arm of the Royal Women’s Hospital and am responsible for bringing in the extra funds that are vitally needed to keep the amazing services at the Women’s going.  Foundation supporters are wonderfully kind and make a real difference to the women and newborns they are directly helping through their donations.  

2.      How is RWH helping some of our vulnerable community members?

The Women’s has long been known for its support of vulnerable women and families within the Victorian community and was first set up as ‘the Women’s Lying-In Hospital’ here in Melbourne over 160 years ago. Today we have many departments dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable women in our community including: -          Centre for Women’s Mental Health which runs programs for all women experiencing mental health complications alongside pregnancy or cancer diagnosis -          Badjur Bullock Wilam Centre, the women’s dedicated Indigenous service providing culturally appropriate health information and resources to Indigenous women Kip-Jersey-44302  

3.      Who are the people that RWHF are supporting and where will the Kip&Co Christmas Appeal goodies go?

The Kip&Co swaddles which are being kindly donated will be directed to our Neonatal Intensive Care and Special Care Nurseries. The nursing staff will provide these swaddles to new mums who may not have access to the things that they need ready for their new baby, or to parents whose child is very unwell and they have not had time to prepare for their arrival. These swaddles will provide great comfort to the smallest of babies and their families.  

4.      If people reading this want to provide further support to RWH, what should they do?

The Foundation always welcomes new donors and motivated community members. If anyone would like more information about the Women’s Foundation they can contact me at or visit, we would love to hear from you Swaddles_2 Kip&Co_Jersey_tiny_h