Meet the artist - Lee McConnell

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ur latest Broken Bones collection, in collaboration with the legendary Lee McConnell - one of Australia’s greatest skate and surf artists (and former creative lead at Mambo!). McConnell's tight work taps into the zeitgeist with an unmistakable psychedelic mash-up of nature and new tech, rock ’n’ roll and free love. Read more in our blog below!
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1. Hi Lee! Let’s start with the feels. How does it make you feel when you’re drawing?
I guess it can be relaxing at times when I get the in zone. Almost meditative. But other times I can’t wait to not be drawing
2. You’ve got an enviable resume, what’s your career highlight so far?
Thank you. Umm off the top of my head the first things I really felt super proud and had a rush of excitement were when I got a job at Mambo as an in house graphic artist when I was about 22 I think. I was so stoked to be working in amongst artist I grew up admiring. I got to exhibit at the NGV with Mambo too which was really special. Also getting a ARIA nomination for best cover art in 2017 for a Dune Rats album was up there too.
3. Your artwork is this beautiful mash up of psychedelic mash-up of nature and new tech, rock n roll and free love. What inspires your signature style?
Good ideas, artists I admire, my surroundings, nature, dreams, colour, cartoons and books I grew up watching and reading.. there’s a few for you.
4. If you weren’t making art, what would you be doing right now?
Enjoying life

5. Who is the first person you want to get on a plane and visit once all these restrictions are over? And what’s on your wish list for 2022?
Ahh gee that’s a hard a one. I’ve kinda been lucky enough to see a lot of close friends and family during this time but I’d say there’s lots mates in Sydney I wouldn’t mind having a lol with..
6. Last one! What’s your favourite piece in the Kip&Co range?
I like it all! It’s fun. Hard to pick one particular piece