Cabin life luxe | Step inside Victoria’s best weekend escape

Taking inspiration from Nordic and Japanese design, art curator and mum of four, Chloe, takes us inside her curated cabin, the Log Box located on a glorious patch of green in Red Hill, on the Mornington Peninsula.

With views for days, this little cabin (which is available to stay via Airbnb) is the ultimate city escape. Originally a milking shed, it's west facing positioning gives guests every opportunity to witness the breathtaking sunrise from their bed. Sign us right up!

In today's blog, we chat all things art and design with Chloe, and how she turned her passion into a thriving business.

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1. Thank you for letting us in! You’re a woman of MANY talents, can you tell us the big life twists and turns that led you to this beautiful patch of greenery in Red Hill?

Goodness it’s hard to know where to begin! But the short story is we landed in Red Hill roughly four years ago. After a 10 year stint in London and both working in fast paced Finance roles, my husband and I were craving a change of pace and green space to raise our children. Our working arrangements completely enabled this move and safe to say we haven’t looked back!
2. One of your current gigs is the Logbox, a curated cabin in Red Hill that’s got views for days, fresh air, and plonked right in the middle of it all, the sweetest little cabin accommodation. Talk us through your interior design process and your favourite pieces.

One of the things that drew us to the property in Red Hill were the pair of old timber clad sheds, run down but completely charming. We immediately took to doing up the first shed, simply to provide a home office and space for friends to stay. Taking inspiration from Nordic and Japanese design we lined it with plywood, kept the original timber truss and ran with an industrial, minimalist vibe. It was never our intention to do the Airbnb thing - we dipped our toe in one Saturday night, and with each subsequent booking recognised the demand and simply ran with it. This is what gave us confidence in doing up the next shed, which is now the hero cabin available to rent. Originally a little milking shed but by far the best location on the property with sweeping views of the entire landscape. We honoured the west-facing positioning by installing tall glass windows on this side, giving guests every opportunity to witness breathtaking sunrises from the comfort of their bed. My favourite moment in the design process was when we had the original concrete slab professionally ground back, polished and sealed considering this to be the most cost/time effective approach to the hoof trodden mess it was. The results were amazing, revealing this fabulous distressed, marbled finish. The tradesperson apologised for not getting it perfect!

3. What are your five favourite things to do on the Mornington Peninsula (that your lucky guests could hit up if they stay?)

I love hitting the Red Hill Rail Trail to Merricks General Store for a coffee and a peruse of their little art space. A glass of wine and a wander around the sculpture park at Pt Leo Estate is pretty spectacular. The smaller cellar doors like Kerrie Greens and Quealey are great for afternoon cheese and wine. And a beach swim at Shoreham or Point Leo thrown somewhere in there is essential.
4. Another one of your hustles is your online art gallery, which you personally curate, sourcing art from around the world. It’s an eclectic and beautiful collection, with a beautiful eye for pieces that have a real sense of story and history. Can you tell us how this passion has grown into a business?

Art has been a lifelong passion, and I have always craved to do something more creative after a career in Finance. Covid, as with most things, was the absolute catalyst. With the cabin being closed for the best part of last year I recognised the need to diversify my business. Art is so often viewed in gallery space which can be intimidating and I am seeking to display art in a domestic setting and at more affordable prices. Now the cabin is open again, the guests are the winners being immersed in this evolving art space taking escapism to the next level. Along with hosting Australian artists, I source beautiful old midcentury pieces from around the world. All pieces are all available to purchase via my website or by appointment in Red Hill.

5. We loved all the art on display at the logbox - what’s your favourite and why?

I am obsessed with Composition II. It is a mixed media piece by an an artist called Aramis Ney from Uruguay who from all accounts lead a very colourful life. It is chaotic and timeless and I’m secretly hoping no-one buys it!
6. First and foremost, you’re a mum of FOUR! Amazing, seriously, amazing. How do you do the juggle / dance? There’s no rule book, but what things what for you to keep sane?

Gosh if I look like things are under control then I have you fooled! Every day is different and a crazy balancing act. But I have an incredible partner first and foremost who completely shares the load. A wise mother of four once told me you need to sometimes be selfish and create little moments of space for yourself, to remember who you are and to catch your breath! I often remind myself that everything is a passing phase and I don’t compare myself to others. I feel lucky enough to be in a situation now where my work doesn’t feel like work, plus it is super flexible which enables me to prioritise my children.