Yo yo all you lucky peeps around Cronulla!
Here is a peek inside the beautiful mind and beautiful store Apache Rose xx
Shout out to Luke Della Santa from Piece Collectors for the beautiful photography. 18513558_2060581450828548_7519413057169129472_n 1. Tell us a little bit about your store, when did you start and what was your inspiration for the store?
We have been open almost six years now. Vicki (Mum!) had a background in homewares and myself (Kirsty) in fashion and design. We wanted to open a store that housed a mix of the very best offering of homewares, furniture and gifts with a focus on items that are handmade or have a strong design element.  We have curated a mix that is a unique blend full of Australian Designers as well as products from international designers and artisans that are not easily found in Australia. The result is a shop full of things we love. Lots of art, plenty of colour - it was a perfect fit for us to stock Kip & Co.
2. You're based in Cronulla, for those that haven't had the chance to visit, what do you love about your hood?
We are so lucky to live and have a business in such a wonderful vibrant area. While only being 30 minutes outside the city, Cronulla has a relaxed coastal feel. We are just a few minutes walk from some of the most beautiful beaches, a ferry ride away from the National Park and our shopping and dining scene is really blossoming.
We really love that Cronulla has a real sense of community. Walking up to work you see an abundance of friendly familiar faces. People shop local and store owners and café/restaurants have a real sense of camaraderie and are encouraging towards one another. It's such a beautiful area and we genuinely have the loveliest customers anyone could hope for!
3. You’ve been stocking Kip&Co for a while now, what are your favourite pieces from the current season? Gosh, you guys are so consistently amazing! Every season we fall in love and think we could never like the next as much, then...boom...more incredible pieces we just HAVE to have! I am loving the deep kombu green and the addition of the denim this season. I really think the denim translates so well across so many different looks. Also the offering for boys this season is super cool, so my boys beds are about to get even more layered with Kip goodness! Mum loves your linen and is so excited about the range of beautiful new colours and the endless combinations that can be layered together. She also won't be leaving here without one of the Deserted Ottomans!
4. What has been the best thing and the most challenging thing about starting your own store? The best is easy - working with my beautiful Mumma as well as the incredibly lovely friendships we have made through the store with both customers and designers we buy from. The most challenging thing would be our first year! We are tucked away just off the main mall so we knew it would be a challenge to start out. But we have stuck to our vision of stocking a very unique mix of items and the word has really spread. We are forever grateful for the incredible recommendations we receive via word-of-mouth and technology (insta!). That, and vomiting up a chai the day we opened our doors and realising I was simultaneously growing a business and a baby! Ha! 5. Your store has a beautiful aesthetic - how would you describe your style and do you do the styling yourself? Hey, thanks!  Yes we do all the styling ourselves.  I would say rather than being too fixated on following a trend or sticking to a particular theme/style we are all about incorporating beautiful pieces that speak to you and making them work together. We love a home that has character and says something about the people living in it rather than looking like a showroom. It has really worked for us. Our business has evolved to include a busy home styling element due to the demand from customers who loved the aesthetic in store and wanted assistance achieving that in their homes. 6. What are you looking forward to in 2017? We are looking forward to continuing to give our best and present new and unique items to our customers both in store and online. We have some really wonderful new things planned for the store and some exciting events under works. We had a new year's resolution to do something completely new we have been wanting to do so stay tuned!