Sweet Gigs: Photographer Nikole Ramsay

Nikole-GiliMeno-02 Today we’re chatting to Nikole Ramsay, an internationally successful photographer who has worked on Kip&Co’s campaigns for four years. Nikole spills the beans on what it’s really like on a Kip&Co shoot, and has some frank advice for any budding photographers out there. 1.  What’s a regular day like for you on a Kip&Co shoot? Kip & Co shoot days are energetic, fun and full to the brim. We kick off early with the morning light and make a start on the shot list. Making beds and creating room sets takes time, so we work from a well planned out shot list and there’s plenty of people behind the scenes that help bring the final shots together. I always feel lucky to shoot in beautiful locations, exquisite homes and with a great team of girls! Kip-SS17-46543 2. This most recent Kip&Co shoot was on location at an amazing pad in Sydney…what’s been your favourite Kip&Co location so far? The most recent location in Sydney where we sot the ‘Sojourn’ Collection was spectacular! This was easily one of my favourite places to shoot for it’s beautiful views and unique style. I also love to travel, so our Bali shoot in 2017 was a huge highlight as well.  There are challenges that come with shooting abroad but we were well prepared and worked perfectly as a team and the end result was really beautiful and the locations really worked well with the designs of the bedding. I felt really proud of the pictures we created on that shoot. Kip-AW19-77893 3. You’ve been doing this gig for a long time, in Australia and internationally. What was your “lucky break” (or is that a myth) and what’s your advice for anyone looking to start a career as a photographer? I’ve been working as a full time photographer now for around 20 years and 12 of those were in London. Although I studied photography straight from school and completed a BA degree, I didn’t work as a photographer straight away as I wasn’t sure what area of photography I wanted to pursue. For me there was no “lucky break”, but more a series of stepping stones which took continued commitment, a lot of hard work, self belief and initiative. My advice for photographers starting out would be to get clear on what lights you up, find what you are passionate about shooting and begin to follow that. Make contacts, reach out to people who’s work you connect with, work on collaborations and keep at it. It’s not an easy career at times and now more than ever it is a very competitive field but there is so much joy for me in doing a job that I love every day.  KipAW19-Overhead-78692 4. What’s the best thing about being a photographer, and the biggest misconception? Oh there are so many things and I could sight the obvious…the travel, the variety, the experiences and the people you meet. But really, the feeling I love the most is when I recognise that I’ve just captured a moment in time that’s never going to come again. It might be the magic light or an expression on face…but there is an over whelming sense of excitement, joy and appreciation for just being present at that exact time. And when I pack my cameras down at the end of the shoot, I know I’ve got that shot and captured that moment. It’s a really special thing to feel.
5. Where else can we see your beautiful work?
These days, you can see my work in all kinds of places! In books, magazines and in advertising too…and occasional features on design blogs and plenty on instagram too! (@nikoleramsay)
6. If you weren’t a photographer you’d be…?
If I wasn’t a photographer, I would love to be a full time mum!
Kip-AW19-0052 7. What’s your favourite piece of Kip&Co for the season? Oh don’t make me choose! You know I LOVE all the linens and just keep adding to my collection because the colours all work together so beautifully. But some stand out fave products this season are the boho cushions (I already have two colours in those) and the gorgeous, comfy waffle beach dress. Oh and how about the foliage linen….See I told you I couldn’t choose!