This Spring, we’re combining WALNUT’s signature, care-free wheels with Kip&Co’s spunky prints, to inject fun into feet like never before! Available in kid and adult sizes, the WALNUT x Kip&Co collaboration is inspired by the good vibes of summer vacation. Live large in tutti frutti prints - banana split, fruit salad and peachy; keep things sweet and fresh with bloomin’ day or dip your toes into the jungle with our palms and leopard prints. WALNUT x Kip&Co have got you covered and comfortable. So keep your feet happy - grab your pair, and a spare! We chatted with the Walnut team to find out what gets their toes tapping… Walnut-Kip-0526   How did Walnut Melbourne start? The idea for Walnut Melbourne began 10 years ago over an early lunch between Sophie Cooper & Sophie Cooper.  Sophie and Sophie were sister-in-laws who shared a lot more than the same name. Their eldest children were now taking their first steps and they were both so excited to buy their children’s first walking shoes. However they soon became frustrated with the limited about of affordable shoes for children and Walnut Melbourne was born. Walnut Melbourne was built on the philosophy that classic enduring style never goes out of fashion and good quality need not be expensive. Playful, fun and practical, WALNUT captures the essential blend of fashion and function. Walnut-Kip-0012   Why did you want to collaborate with Kip&Co? We have been fans of Kip+Co for a long time! Their aesthetic has a zest for life, and their patterns breathe life and joy into everyday homewares.  We also share a kinship as both brands were Melbourne born and based. As soon as we met Alex, Kate and Hayley it just seemed like a natural fit! Walnut-Kip-0187   Where can we get on mitts on these goodies? The collaboration is available online at www.walnutmelbourne.com and in many of Walnut Melbourne’s stockists https://www.walnutmelbourne.com/store-locations/search/ Walnut-Kip-0403 What's your favourite print? It’s so hard to choose! We love all the prints for different reasons. The Palms have seemed to be an office favourite, with the print already being spotted around the office. Walnut-Kip-0616